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interests & pursuits

My work centers on social justice—especially
its inclusion and cultivation in schools. 


Culturally responsive and culturally sustaining practices are necessary to capably serve minoritized students. My work involves the impacts of body image and weight bias on the mental health and wellbeing of students.

My dissertation project addressed reducing racism and weight stigma through a critical dialogic intervention with 5th grade teachers and students. This was funded by the Madison Education Partnership.

selection of [virtual] conference presentations

  • applied social justice in schools

  • critical inquiry

  • critical theories

  • responsibly utilizing intersectionality in theory & praxis

  • qualitative methodologies

  • mixed methodologies

  • anti-colonial frameworks

  • anti-racism

  • anti-bias interventions

  • anti-capitalism

  • privileging many ways of knowing

  • phenomenology

approaches & values

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